Erin Wofford Photography


My name is Erin Wofford. I have been photographing since my junior year of high school where I won third place out of hundreds of entries in the Washington State High School Photography competition. I have also won various awards in other photography competitions and have even been published. Fast forward 15 years and I am now ready to start a new exciting career, doing what I love.



Since 2012 I have been running my own small photography business, photographing Babies, Families, Engagement, and Weddings. After four years of Art school and graduating with a Bachelors in photography I decided to slow down a little bit and start creating images. By that I mean taking multiple images and compiling them together to create one. This has been a fun adventure and Im really enjoying the creativity and freedom of creating art. Im still doing my volunteer work and haven't shut my business down completely but it has been refreshing to slow down and let my creativity fully transform my images.